Yes, you can run reports by each officer or by all officers for each race or by all races.

Yes, we realize that each state’s requirements are different and we can create a program to meet that state’s requirements.

We have been in business since 2007, and created our first program for tracking Missouri Traffic Stops that meets state requirements. In 2012 we created Texas program for a Texas agency to meet their state requirements. Several years later, in 2018, we created a newer program for Texas agencies to meet new 2018 TCOLE Racial Profiling Reporting requirements.

Yes,  as administrator you can run a Checksum and compare the number of stops in CAD with the number of stops the officer entered into the vehicle stop program. It’s a good idea to check these numbers weekly to ensure that the officers are entering stop information. 

In December 2019 Missouri Attorney General  changed requirements for the data collected and also changed the name of the program to Vehicle Stop Reporting. We changed the program name to Vehicle Stop Reporting to match the name change by the state.

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Have any questions or would like us to create a custom program to meet your needs please complete the contact us form. Be sure to include all your contact information.

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