Missouri and Texas Traffic Stop Reporting

Our Goal

Provide cost-effective easy to use technology solutions for law enforcement agencies. We designed Traffic Stop Reporting (TSR) as affordable solutions for agencies to meet city, county, or state reporting requirements. Our solutions enable your department or agency to provide high-quality services to your constituents while maximizing limited resources. Our service helps you keep track of the numbers!

Service and software solutions

  • Missouri VSR-Hosted Edition (Software as a Service Solution)
  • Texas Racial Profiling Reports Hosted Edition(Software as a Service)
  • Police Daily Activity Plus Log
  • Custom Design Web Application
  • Custom Application to meet your state or city needs
  • Law Enforcement and Public Safety Web Hosting Service

Missouri Vehicle Stop Reporting-Hosted Edition

Missouri Vehicle Stop Reporting Hosted Edition is a web application solution for agencies that would like for their employees to enter vehicle stop information from any workstation. Multiple users can enter vehicle stop information from different workstations at the same time. Mobile laptop users will have the ability to enter stop information before they clear the car stop. The users can run a query to view or to confirm their stops had been entered for that date.

Missouri Vehicle Stop Reporting meets all the state requirements required by the Missouri AG office in 2020.

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Texas Racial Profiling Reports

Texas Racial Profiling Reports Tracking program was created to meet ALL of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement TCOLE reporting requirements of 2021. We have solutions for large to small agencies who need to meet TCOLE requirements.

Over 40,000 stops successfully entered and reported in 2020 !

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