Missouri Vehicle Stop Reporting-Hosted Edition

Missouri Vehicle Stop Reporting Hosted Edition is a web application solution for agencies that would like for their employees to enter vehicle stop information from any workstation. Multiple users can enter vehicle stop information from different workstations at the same time. Mobile laptop users will have the ability to enter stop information before they clear the car stop. The users can run a query to view or to confirm their stops had been entered for that date.

Why Software as a Service Hosted Edition

  • Zero Infrastructure
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • No Pain Upgrades
  • Low Initial Cost
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Data is Secure

Missouri Vehicle Stop Reporting Host Edition

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable, low yearly fee
  • Create year-end traffic statistics within minutes
  • Designed to be printed from HTML to PDF within seconds
  • Can be enhanced to meet future city, county, state requirements
  • Designed to be converted to Adobe format within seconds
  • Check Sum query compare CAD numbers with Vehicle Stop Reporting
  • Using on laptops, workstations and most mobile devices
  • Meet Missouri Vehicle Stop Reporting deadline with ease
  • Meets Missouri Attorney General New Reporting Requirements for 2020

Over 40,000 stops successfully entered and reported in 2020 !

Our Service:

Understand this is a service we are here to serve your needs when it comes to tracking traffic stops or vehicle stops that meets your state requirements. With that said all our hosted packages are designed and build for each state only to meet the state’s needs for reporting. If you want to add or create custom fields to meet your department needs please let us know. We will create a dedicated package for you.

Part of our service is that we run reports for each department for the prior month and year to date to make sure there are no discrepancies and no errors within the program. If we see an issue we email our contact person to address the issue. It’s like having an extra employee all year to track the numbers!

For a quote please going to our contact us page and complete the form.

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