About US

Law Enforcement Software Solutions was created in 2004 to develop emerging technology and software solutions for public safety and law enforcement agencies.

Law Enforcement Software Solutions developed Missouri Traffic Stop Reporting (TSR) software to meet the need of agencies to report, track and analyze the 1.5 million traffic stops made each year. RSMo (2000) Section 590.650, loosely termed the “racial profiling law,” requires agencies to determine whether peace officers have a pattern of stopping members of minority groups for violations of vehicle laws in a number disproportionate to the population of minority groups. If reviews reveal patterns, agencies have to provide appropriate counseling and training within 90 days of the review to any peace officer found to have engaged in race-based traffic stops. TSR software provides multiple capabilities to identify trends and identify peace officers in need of counseling and training. TSR is easily modified to meet the needs of other states by adding or modifying the software to track additional components.


Martin (Tom) Karl

Mr. Karl is the principal owner of Law Enforcement Software Solutions. He has more than 19 years of experience with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department and over 28 years of experience in the technology field. Mr. Karl’s extensive background in law enforcement gives him the unique skills relevant to identify needs and develop software to meet those needs. As lieutenant of operations, Mr. Karl supervised 24 road officers and recognized the need to have a tracking mechanism that is able to identify trends and create the required reporting to the Attorney General’s Office.

Linda Karl

Mrs. Karl, co-owner of Law Enforcement Software Solutions, focuses on sales and implementation of the software products. She has a master’s in business administration and has worked as a project manager responsible for implementing software and projects designed to enhance service industries. With more than 18 years of experience managing resources, people and projects, Mrs. Karl has the experience necessary to manage small and large implementations.

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