Police Daily Activity Log

Police Daily Activity Log was created by Law Enforcement Software Solutions to meet the needs of Police, Sheriff, and School Resource Officers or School Security, used to track calls or incidents. Police Daily Activity Log is a server and software solution for agencies that would like for their employees to log Daily Activity or “Incidents” from any workstation within the local area network. With Daily Activity Log, multiple users can log incidents from different workstations at the same time. Mobile laptop users that are on the same network as the server will have the ability to enter their daily activity logs before they clear the incident or end their shift. Users can run a report and read about incidents handled by the previous shift. Supervisors will have the ability to quickly view all incidents or search by incident type or officer. With Daily Activity Log all the user needs is a shortcut on their desktop to connect to the server. There is additional administration functionality such as editing comments, deleting and adding users.
Create Police Daily Activity Report for your department website or media with ease. Create monthly or yearly stats within seconds.

Police Daily Activity Log Fields

  • Enter Employee number
  • Enter Date of Incident
  • Enter Time of Incident
  • Enter Address
  • Select Beat or Sector
  • Enter Case Number
  • Select Incident Type
  • Select Status
  • Mark as Juvenile Case
  • Add Incident Summary
  • Query by Date, Employee, Incident Type and more

Police Daily Activity Log

  • Two Vehicles Fields
  • Two Name Fields
  • Comment Field
  • Start New Shift
  • and more…

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