Missouri Traffic Stop Reporting-Hosted Edition

Missouri Traffic Stop Reporting Hosted Edition is a web application solution for agencies that would like for their employees to enter traffic stop information from any workstation. Multiple users can enter traffic stop information from different workstations at the same time. Mobile laptop users will have the ability to enter stop information before they clear the car stop. The users can run a query to view or to confirm their stops had been entered for that date.

TSR-Hosted can be customized to meet your state or agency requirements.

Why Software as a Service Hosted Edition

. Zero Infrastructure
. Low Cost of Ownership
. No Pain Upgrades
. Low Initial Cost
. Rapid Deployment
. Data is Secure

TSR-Hosted Edition is:
Easy to use
Affordable, low yearly fee
Create year-end traffic statistics within minutes
Create printable reports with statistics within minutes
Can be enhanced to meet future city, county, state requirements
Designed to be converted to Adobe format within seconds
Check Sum query compare CAD numbers with Traffic Stop Reporting
Using on laptops, workstations and most mobile devices
Meet Missouri Traffic Stop Reporting deadline with ease