Missouri Traffic Stop Reporting LAN Edition

Missouri Traffic Stop Reporting LAN Edition is a server and software solution for agencies that would like for their employees to enter traffic stop information from any workstation within the local area network. With TSR LAN, multiple users can add traffic stop information from different workstations at the same time. Mobile laptop users that are on the same network will have the ability to enter stop information before they clear their car stop. The users can run a query to view their stops by date. With TSR-LAN all the users needs is a short cut on their desktop to connect to TSR LAN.

Missouri Traffic Stop Reporting LAN can be customized to meet your state or agency requirements.


Easy to use
Create year-end traffic statistics within minutes
Create printable reports with statistics within minutes
Can be enhanced to meet future city, county, state requirements
Check Sum query compare CAD numbers with Traffic Stop Reporting
Using on laptops, workstations and most mobile devices
Designed to be converted to Adobe format within seconds

System Requirement:

TSR LAN is a browser application and server turn-key solution. TSR LAN is installed, configured, and tested on custom build server running Linux Ubuntu Server. TSR LAN was created for larger agencies who feel the need to manage their traffic stop data collection system.